Our Goal
Dutch Art Web Foundation is here to promote Dutch Artists abroad. Because we are a non-profit organization our fee is as low as possible. Our goal is to give you the best service to find the right match between collectors and artists.

Our values
We will not sell or use the info and content that you provide us. It remains yours and that does not give us the right to do anything at all with it. Nothing on this website can be copied or downloaded, all that leaves the site are notification mails with links to the site. We don’t have “tracers” in our site that allows others to see which pages you are browsing. We do not display advertisement on this website and we do what ever we can to protect this site from any abuse. Your privacy is precious to us.

We offer artist the opportunity to create a proper profile, a beautiful display of there work and to publish articles about it. People who are interested have the opportunity to send the artist private messages or talk live by webcam. Prices are not visible on the site, only on demand. You can also make an offer. If you need some help, we have our client-service available. You can send them a message or chat to them live in the Conference room.

How we work
If you purchase an artwork on this website, your money stays on the site in our credit-account. The artist has 7 days to deliver the artwork to you. After delivery you have 7 days to decide if you really want it. If not, you have to return it and you will get your money back when the artist has received it. If you do want it, you just have to confirm that to us and we pay 80% of the selling price + tax + shipping-cost to the artist. 20% of the selling price is for the foundation and makes it possible to continue our work.

Shipping is not included in our system and the responsibility from the sender. We strongly advice to include the transportation-insurance. Because the shipping price is included in the selling price, the buyer pays for it. If the buyer wants to return the work within 7 days, he is responsible for shipping and costs.

We only accept payments with paypal or creditcards (visa, mastercard or american express). Artists should have a paypal-account to get payed.